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This ain't dinner for two!!!


Do you guys see this?
Let me tell you here.
This is a book my friend bought me when we were in the fourth grade. Yesterday I found out this jackass is bullying her and making her contemplate suicide.
I have two copies of this book. One book will be given to my friend, entitled “list of people who care”, and the other will be given to the bully, which will be entitled, “list of people who want to fuck your shit up”.
Reblog and I’ll write your URL down in these books

ha, that’s sweet.


hey remember that law i forget exactly how it goes but its something along the lines of ‘if you murder someone you go to jail’ whatever happened to that? is that still a thing


i drew this a few days ago
it came out pretty nice tbh


i did a voice meme thing:

#oc art meme

I’m going to finish the OC art meme stuff tomorrow so if you want u can leave more requests in my inbox!!





"im tired of seeing posts about Ferguson" yeah well im tired of white cops killing black people so



#ArrestDarrenWilson, #JusticeforMikeBrown, #BlackLivesMatter, #Ferguson
OC Art Meme!!!


Send a number and I’ll draw my OC:

  1. In what they normally wear
  2. In what I’m currently wearing
  3. In a school uniform
  4. In swimwear
  5. In underwear
  6. With no clothes on
  7. In winter clothes
  8. In fancy clothes
  9. Making 3 different expressions
  10. Standing on their hands
  11. With their favorite animal
  12. Hanging out with a friend
  13. Sitting on the couch
  14. Doing something they don’t normally do
  15. Eating
  16. Playing a sport
  17. Beaten up
  18. As a kid/adult
  19. Wearing a funny hat
  20. Sleeping

i’m on top of the world // a happy mix for a happy girl
listen // art
on top of the world - imagine dragons // riptide - vance joy // sweet disposition (RAC remix) - temper trap // change of seasons - sweet thing // wrecking ball - mother mother // flaws - bastille // strawberry swing - coldplay // when i’m gone - anna kendrick // i feel it all - feist // little talks - of monsters and men // sweater weather - the neighborhood
#tru tru


tfw they dont ship rodella